Completed Projects Continued

Walkable Audit

A large part of a communities long term survivability is its ability to attract foot traffic. Cars are a necessity in today's society- however their value is most appreciated in getting people to a place. Once there, the ability for people to walk, shop and enjoy the sights of a community is essential in creating a sense of place. A place where people- not cars- belong. Too often we create oceans of asphalt that cater to cars. People are left feeling isolated which perpetuates decline, often the ultimate end for strip malls throughout the country. LNDC teamed up with the Lycoming County Government, as well as other government entities and non profits, and arranged for world- renowned "Walkabilities" expert Dan Burden to visit Lycoming County and conduct an audit. All involved were intrigued by Mr. Burden's extensive knowledge of traffic calming measures, people-friendly streetscapes, road and sidewalk engineering and traffic circles. A sense of belonging to one's community without the stresses of "Car Friendly" streets is a concept that is new to Lycoming County. Mr. Burden's wisdom has shed light on an otherwise dark future for many of our communities and our hope is for him to return soon to continue to help enrich our neighborhoods.