Forming a Neighborhood Association

Phase One
Define logical boundaries. Logical boundaries may consist of major roads or creeks.
Map boundary description.
On map draw boundaries.
Name your neighborhood.
Find names that best describes your association. For example "The Louisa Street Neighborhood Association."

Phase Two
Define reasons for organizing. In a few short paragraphs note why there is a need for your neighborhood organization to exist.
Locate and identify your neighbors.
Local tax logs will list every property and owner. The tax logs are available for use at the local courthouse.
Compile list of potential members
. Using tax log information - list all possible future members.

Phase Three
Contact all potential members. Draft a letter to all possible association members outlining your plans and explaining that you will be in touch with them in the near future to schedule an initial organizational meeting.
Schedule organizational meeting.
Schedule initial meeting in the evening during the week at a familiar location to maximize the potential attendees.
Advertise organizational meeting to potential members.
Telephone potential members and inform them of the meeting: Time, Date, Location.

Phase Four
Conduct initial meeting. Possible topics of discussion should be focused on each attendees concern for the neighborhood. At the initial meeting officers should be elected and a Mission Statement should be drafted. The Mission Statement is a short descriptive statement of the purpose for your organization. Schedule a monthly meeting - be sure location and time is acceptable to most of the members.
Contact Mayor's office.
Draft a letter to the mayor's office that describes your association and its mission. Make sure to include all your members' names and addresses and have the members sign the letter. List your meeting dates, as well as, location and invite the mayor or city employees to attend.